You must be 90cm or over to use this activity!

We believe everyone was born to bounce, and our Jumpino kids sessions are the perfect chance for the smaller kids to experience the thrill of bouncing in a spacious and safe environment. Designed for children
With 90cm or over to use this activity and their parent (or accompanying adult), Kids sessions have the bonus of extra activities and FREE entry for 1 adult with every child.

Jumpino Kids sessions offers toddlers from height 90cm or over to use this activity a chance to use our amazing facilities without having the older kids around! They give younger children the opportunity to bounce and jump at their own speed with their guardians in a more relaxed environment.

Pit Ball

Ball Bit


1. Jumpino kids sessions provide a limited use of the park. For safety reasons the air bag and some activities are not available during these sessions.
2. For Safety Purposes we require at least 1 paying adult to be participating and actively supervising for every 2 juniors participating in the session.
3. Everyone jumping in our Jumpino center must be wearing special Jumpino grip socks, which are provided free to every paying customer. These socks are a vital way to reduce the risk of injury and must also be worn for hygiene reasons. Once purchased, Jumpino grip socks can be re-used on future visits to Jumpino or Jumpino Kids.
4. Before you can come and enjoy our amazing park, we need to make sure all of our customers know the rules so they can enjoy all our activities in a fun and safe environment.
5. Everyone experiencing our activities must watch our safety briefing video and sign our risk assessment forms before they can attend our parks.
6. You MUST complete a Risk Acknowledgement before you can bounce. To make sure your check-in process on the day is as fast as possible. Simply select the park you are visiting and complete the form.
7. Once completed, risk acknowledgements are valid for one year.